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Swimming Pool Deck Pavers

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swimming pool deck pavers add beauty to your recreation area!JR’s West Coast Pavers has twenty years of expertise in swimming pool deck design. Whether you require new pool construction or a remodel of your existing swimming pool deck we are the paver contractor ready to meet your needs! Installing brick pavers, travertine pavers or antique tumbled pavers accented with swimming pool coping will create a beautiful, new outdoor living area. By installing swimming pool deck pavers in a variety of custom designs and colors, we can transform your swimming pool deck area into a tropical oasis. Only a well thought out design can orchestrate the essential elements that integrate the water and your landscape into a pleasing finished product.

JR’s West Coast Pavers are experts in providing solutions for problem drainage areas. These solutions can include regrading existing elevations for proper slope drainage, installing new deck drains, box drains or installing new electric sump-pump drains.

Thin pavers are designed for swimming pool decks, walkways, plazas and courtyards. They are engineered to cover existing concrete surfaces saving the cost of removing old concrete from a project. They are ideal for residential swimming pool renovation projects. Swimming pool deck pavers are especially suitable for large scale overlay projects such as hotel swimming pools, condominiums and office and retail complexes. Swimming pool remodeling coping covers existing pool beams and water line tile for a “new” swimming pool look

JR’s West Coast Pavers also can provide solutions for those challenging areas of your swimming pool landscape. Incorporating segmental retaining walls, free standing walls, planters and/or brick paver steps or brick paver walkways will address areas with drop offs or steep slopes and prevent future erosion. Protect your investment by having our professional team apply paver sealer to keep your pavers beautiful and maintenance free!

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